The Third Eye

The Third Eye: sense the insensible

The 3rd Eye

The Third Eye: sensing the insensible
Developed by Robert Stephenson and Valerie Landau
Photo: Featuring Maria Salas

The Third Eye is a ¬†wearable interface that lets you “see” phenomena (Earth’s magnetic field, RF signals, etc.) otherwise invisible. In the form of a headband, it orients you toward the source by haptic feedback (vibration).

The Third Eye is based on an Arduino Lilypad, with interchangeable daughterboards for the sensors.

The making of the 3rd Eye

The making of the 3rd Eye in Rob Stephenson's Best Shed Ever

Best Shed Ever workshop

Best Shed Ever workshop in Oakland, California



Lilypad gets wings














Developed by Robert Stephenson and Valerie Landau

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Robert Stephenson fan club meetup at "Program for the Future" 2009. Note Steve Wozniak in the background.


The Pet User Interface (PUI)

Now your pet can communicate with you. We created simple communication device so dogs can communicate with their owners in English.

We took an off the shelf IC board, connected a few wires, added a few common phrases, and some hand-made triggers, and VOILA: a Pet User Interface.

Made by Valerie Landau and Robert Stephenson with Andres Landau

Andres Landau with Buddy

Andres Landau with Buddy